Dynamic Simulation of Solid Silicon Nanoneedle for Cell Surgery

  • M. W. Ashraf
  • H. Rasheed
  • S. M. Rana


Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is one of the attractive way to manipulate the single cell. AFM based manipulation in the biomedical is increasing day by day, especially for cell and tissue handling. Here authors present the design, simulation and dynamic analysis of silicon based solid nano needle connected with silicon nitride AFM cantilever. Solid nano needle with square base has been designed on the tip of flexible cantilever. The needle length is 10 µm and tip diameter is 250 nm. The diameter of needle base is 103 nm. Semi sphere hypo elastic single cell is designed for puncturing. The diameter of cell model is 50 µm. ANSYS workbench module has been used to perform the dynamic analysis. The mechanical properties of device and failure were investigated during the cell surgery. Axial and transverse forces were pertained on the needle connected with cantilever to envisage the bending and stress distribution. This presented data would be useful to develop the nano manipulator for single cell surgery.