Fuzzy Logic based Analysis of Livestock Sheds Atmosphere

  • S. Tayyaba
  • H. Rasheed
  • M. W. Ashraf


Seventy percent of population in Pakistan lives in villages. The basic source of income in villages is agriculture and livestock. Because of lack of awareness and modern method (technology) the production rate of live stock products like milk and meat are very low. If the growth rate of the animal’s increases then the production of milk and meat can be increased. This is only possible by using the new and lattice technology in control sheds of animals. Some important factors like the temperature, humidity and light can be controlled by using fuzzy logic controller. This is easiest and cheapest way of controlling these factors by applying fuzzy logic controller on air conditioner, heat, exhaust fan and curtains. Here, authors have presented design and simulation of low cost automatic environment controller for live stock sheds. Environmental control consists of temperature, humidity level and light as inputs and air conditioner, heat, exhaust fan and curtains as outputs. Mamdani model is used to verify the mathematical and simulated based results. Research results show that the controller can provide the most suitable conditions for the growth of animals.