Situation Based Framework for Testing Methods and Metrics

  • Fiza Siyal
  • Rafia Naz Memon


There are many methods to test the software; the problem is to select an appropriate method from wide range of testing methods as well as to select measurement methods for assessing the testing effort. The purpose of this work is to create a situational method from method base of testing methods and testing metrics. Situational method engineering focuses on construction of new advanced development methods from parts of existing methods, called method fragments. Our proposed framework is based on testing methods and metrics to adapt the testing phase according to situation. Situations are created out of project characteristics and testing levels. We have collected all the testing methods / techniques and test metrics into SME repository, this repository will help developers for selecting a suitable method(s) by taking into account the project characteristics, and that selected method is called the situational method. The proposed framework can be automated to facilitate the new (novice) software developer for selecting a suitable method from variety of testing methods and testing metrics.