A Situational Requirement Engineering Model for an Agile Process

  • Khush Bakhat A
  • Amber Sarwar A
  • Muhammad Akhtar


Agile is a light-weight, interactive, incremental and flexible model. Due to its flexibility software industry is shifting its trends towards agile. But we have observed that certain situations it’s difficult to apply agile practices. Agile faces management overhead, so most of the time, especially small and medium size enterprises have myth to apply agile practices. Due to the above mentioned problem our objective is tailoring an agile process according to the situation. We have applied grounded theory to present research problem and identified the research gaps and this reason for applying grounded theory in agile; we focus on the people and the interaction between them. We proposed a solution using various method engineering approaches, including situational method engineering and method tailoring. This study presents the requirement elicitation process optimal way so that whole development becomes easier. Our result reflects the need of situational method engineering practices to be applied in requirement elicitation especially in Small & medium sized enterprises where the cost of the project and available resources is reduced. Our proposed model, i.e. Situational based tailoring the model for agile provide a solution for stakeholders to produce quality software within cost.