Analysis of Query Processing and Optimization

  • Nimra Memon
  • Muhammad Saleem Vighio
  • Shah Zaman Nizamani
  • Umair Ramzan Shaikh


Modern database management systems are complex programs which get user queries, translate them in internal representation necessary for data access and provide results in best possible way; that is, results which take less execution-time and consume fewer resources. However, as the data is increasing at rapid pace, there is always a need of systems which meet organizational requirements. Better systems can only be developed if internal working of (existing) systems is understood very well. This paper presents a tool that helps in understanding how (high-level) user queries are translated in internal representation necessary for data access. Furthermore, the tool also implements few optimization techniques to produce alternative execution plans and their corresponding execution time. Paper also presents a discussion on which plans are better based on the computational analysis.