Limitations of Service Oriented Architecture and its Combination with Cloud Computing

  • Syed Mohtashim Abbas Bokhari
  • Umm-e- Habiba
  • Farooque Azam


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is most frequently used term, but people do not have deep knowledge that what Service Oriented Architecture actually is. They get confused and relate it with cloud computing. In the last few years, cloud computing has grown into one of the emerging technologies in IT industry. The cloud computing is dynamically scalable resources, where SOA is the concept of loosely coupled services. Each service is independent of the other; together they can form a complete system. This paper gives an overview of cloud computing and SOA and also proposes a solution that SOA should be merged with cloud to eliminate the SOA limitations. Combining cloud with SOA will enhance the availability and reliability of SOA and will reduce its messaging overhead.