Simulation and Analysis of Irrigation Controller based on Fuzzy Logic

  • S. Tayyaba
  • H. Rasheed
  • M. W. Ashraf


Agriculture is one of the leading factor that has momentous impact on the GDP growth of the country. It provides the food and fibers for domestic and international industry. About 65 % of total earnings in Pakistan come from export of cotton, rice, and cotton based goods. The irrigation system of Pakistan is one of the best system in the world but still there is entire needs to improve the conventional methods of irrigation system. Significant amount of energy can be saved by using automatic irrigation system through tube wells and electric motors with hybrid power system (Solar & Grid). Hence, large area can be irrigated in less time. Here, authors have presented design and simulation of automatic irrigation control system. MATLAB based fuzzy logic tool has been used for analysis. Tube well and electric motor with hybrid setup have been considered for Inputs and water level, time and area have been considered for outputs to evaluate the efficiency of controller. Simulated and mathematical results were compared and 0.23% error was found. By adopting this technique a large area can be irrigated and crop production will increase. Through hybrid electric power system also useful to reduce the operation costs.