Framework for Testing Cloud Base Applications

  • Sehrish Asif
  • Mariam Rehman


With the increase in demand of SAAS usage, there is a need of testing SAAS applications properly so that it should be available on cloud in good condition without any kind of functional and non-functional bugs. There is a lack of performance testing of applications which includes availability, scalability, response rate, and throughput. Therefore, there is a need to test performance matrix of an application so that users can use application without any discrepancy. The research work provides a framework for performance testing of cloud base applications which uses Performance Testing Life Cycle (PTLC) as a baseline for testing SAAS applications over the cloud environment. The research work suggests that there is a need of general purpose framework which follows PTLC as a baseline. The research is performed for discovering the whole process starting from documentation to the practical implementation for performance testing of cloud base applications. The research theoretically contributes by providing framework for testing cloud based applications. However, evaluation of the proposed framework is performed with the experts in this domain.