Higher Order MIMO System Capacity Assessment using Singular Value Decomposition while considering Power constraint problem

  • A.M Soomro
  • M.A Shah


Wireless communication technology has developed many folds over the past few years. One of the techniques to enhance the data transfer rates is called Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), in which multiple antennas are employed both at transmitters and the receivers. Multiple signals are transmitted from various antennas at transmitter site using the same frequency and separated in space. One of the promising features of this technology is to exploit multipath fading which is one of the main obstacles for SISO (Single Input Single Output). Apart from multipath fading, it provides a great range of signal transmission and high data rates without increasing the available bandwidth and power, which are the precious resources for communication system. In this paper, channel capacity for higher order MIMO systems of the order from 2x2 to 8x8 has been assessed. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) has been mathematically discussed for resolution of Channel Matrix (H). MATLAB has been used for simulating the results. While determining the capacity, power constraint problem is considered which is handled by water-filling algorithm efficiently. Higher spectral efficiency has been achieved by using higher system order.