Virtual Data Integration of Heterogeneous Genomic Biological Knowledge Base

  • Muhammad Shahzad
  • Kamran Ahsan
  • Muhammad Azhar Hussain


In the world of Human Genome Project, massive biological information has been exponentially growing and generating with the passage of time. To grasp and hold this huge genomic information, more than hundreds of special kinds of biological databases have been developed. Moreover these biological data sources that contain experimental data are in different forms and it is also growing in volume. These biological data sources become more valuable and meaningful for scientific analysis when it integrates with other related biological data sources. There is no any single database that provides complete picture of any datum. The biggest challenge and important issue in the science of integration is to establish a unified environment for bioinformatics databases. This paper has proposed new approach in distributed virtual data integration for heterogeneous genomic biological databases. The novelty in our model is the use of Mediator Server based approach that has some distinct advantages over the conventional distributed approach. These advantages have been also stated in this paper. Proposed integration methodology will serve as a driving force for scientists and researchers to investigate new biological standards and theories in the science of bioinformatics.