Computer Assisted 2-D Graphical Software Modelling using BSP Tree Algorithm

  • Imran Sarwar Bajwa


Current approaches/CASE Tools are unable to provide support for interchanging Meta data of models in the form of XMI. Due to lack of this support research of current approaches /Tools for automated software model cannot be incorporated in existing state of Art CASE tools. Even after providing the support of Meta data interchanging support using XMI in existing approach cannot automatically generate graphical model. Due to absence of any algorithm support for generation of graphical model. One of the reasons the current CASE tools are unable to import/export graphical models is inability of XMI to store 2-D spatial information regarding coordinates of the elements of a graphical model as XMI can inherently stores just metadata of a graphical model. This paper presents a novel idea of using Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) tree for diagram generation as BSP is an efficient spatial data structure. The used approach cannot only perform a set of Boolean operations on complex graphical models but can also perform 2-D space partitioning. A Java based implementation as Eclipse plugin is also discussed in this paper. The results of experiments express that the used approach is efficient and accurate.