Analysis on Pathway Finding Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial System

  • Hla Myo Tun


The paper mentions the path planning design for Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that utilizing Comprehensive A* algorithm as the main contribution for the UAV to navigate the area of interest autonomously and transportation to a goal desired by autopilot system. The objective for the autopilot system for UAV is to find the best possible path along the probable path in any random prospect autonomously. Autonomous UAV navigation systems have need of the amalgamation of many research works such as trajectory tracking, sensing on position and orientation of UAS, control of UAS, and avoiding the obstacles for UAV. The main contribution of this research is to fashion and expand a suitable path for UAV able to circumvent many obstacles like building and mountains in its pathway and achieve a goal designated situation from its initial position. Therefore, many simulations were performed in different fixed atmosphere, and the results prove that the UAV accomplishes its goal with bump gratis blockages. In the present analysis, different experiments have been performed by including the pathway of simulation for UAV in MATLAB and using GUI for the algorithm implementation.