Mitigating Network Congestion through MPLS-TE Based Load Balancing Using Alternate Optimal Path

  • Saeed A.Magsi
  • Riaz Ul Amin
  • Mumraiz K.Kasi


In this paper the alternate optimal path AOP is presented to mitigate network congestion particularly in MPLS networks. One way to measure network congestion is to measuring parameters such as end to end delay and packet loss. These parameters show direct proportion to the network congestion. On the other hand, larger values of these parameters show poor performance of the network. It is therefore important to address the issue of network congestion. There are several algorithms and techniques used for congestion control and load balancing. However, these algorithms fail to provide an optimal and reliable congestion control mechanism that not only reduce the congestion but also provide the load balancing so as to increase the optimal usage of network