Procedural Animation of 3D Humanoid Characters Using Trigonometric Expressions

  • Zeeshan Bhatti
  • Imdad Ali Ismaili
  • Shehnila Zardari
  • Hafiz Abid Mahmood Malik
  • Mostafa Karbasi


This paper discusses a technique of generating procedural animation of bipedal characters through expressions in Maya using trigonometric functions. The
character skeleton of bipeds is procedurally generated using a template based widgets mechanism. The skeletal joints createdand rigging is done through a procedural programming technique based on the underlying widget structure. The expressions using trigonometric functions are then applied on
each body part to produce procedural motion. The entire system is procedurally generated and the user is presented with a complete rigged character with simulation. The various parameters of the animation are then controlled by and easy to use graphical user interface, which allows the animator to further manipulate and customize the animation. All the changes in the parameters are reflected in the simulated skeleton in real-time. Using these trigonometric equations, various types of biped motions are generated and controlled at runtime dynamically, producing a wide range of animations which can be easily customized and further extended according
to the requirements of the scene.