On the Performance of Traffic Locality Oriented Route Discovery Algorithm with Chase Packets

  • Mznah A. Al-Rodhaan
  • Lewis Mackenzie
  • Mohamed Ould-Khaoua


A new traffic locality oriented route discovery algorithm with chase packets, referred to as TLRDA-C, is introduced. It improves route discovery process in on-demand routing protocols for MANETs running applications that exhibit traffic locality. The algorithm defines a neighbourhood region that includes the most likely destinations for each given source node. TLRDA-C broadcasts any route request travelling within their source node’s neighbourhood region according to the routing algorithm used. However, propagationof the route request is deliberately delayed within the beyondneighbourhood region to provide the associated chase packet with an opportunity to stop the fulfilled route request and minimise network congestion. The algorithm is adaptive and continuously updates the boundary of each source node’s neighbourhood to improve performance. We provide detailed performance evaluation using simulation modelling and compare our algorithm with AODV, Limited Broadcasting, and Blocking-ERS. Our result shows that TLRDA-C improvesthe performance by minimizing the average end-to-end delayas well as the network overhead and congestion level.