Smart Mobile Anti-Theft Remote Tracker

  • Farman Ullah Khan
  • Wajeeha Khalil


Smartphone is the most common electronic portable device that is used by humans around the clock. Portability of smart phone has facilitated communication and automation of daily life tasks. Besides, it beneficial usage, it has also major issues of theft and misused by children. The panacea to tackle such situation, in both cases, needs tracking by collecting information and cues. In this paper an android based system is proposed to track a device by obtaining call logs, sms logs, pictures and its location. The proposed solution is also capable of remote controlling the device by sending a specific code that works in a client-server manner. The system uses either GSM or Internet to communicate with the client. The collected data is cached in the failure of both cases and flushed to a web server whenever Internet connection is established. The salient trait of the application is to minimize battery drain, CPU and RAM utilization.