Framework for Evaluating Credibility of External Links in Wikipedia

  • Syed Waqar Jaffry
  • Shahzad Sarwar
  • Laeeq Aslam
  • Muhammad Murtaza Yousaf


On the advent of Web 2.0, web users have graduated from mere information-consumers and have become information-producers. Wikipedia is one of the paramount examples of this phenomenon. Open collaborative editing model of Wikipedia allows anyone to contribute information, from anywhere. Hence, general public and particularly researchers are skeptical about the information available at Wikipedia. The whole data set of Wikipedia that ranges from Wikipedia content to editors’ communication is publically available and open to use. Using this information, it seems practical to design models and frameworks to measure authenticity of Wikipedia content. In order to measure authenticity of Wikipedia information, external links play an important role. The presence of external sources or links on a web page to other sites can increase credibility of information as it allows visitors to cross-check information at external sites. However, there should be some mechanism to validate these external sources. In this work, an External Link Verification framework has been proposed and evaluated on External Links of Wikipedia articles. The proposed framework could be used to compute credibility of an external link of any web page.