Securing Sensitive eDatabases using MultiBiometric Technology

  • Shahzad Memon
  • Syed Ghulam Sarwar Shah


Governments in several countries such as Pakistan are adopting the latest information and communication technologies to increase the efficiency of organizations and services. One of the major reasons for this is to transfer and store a large amount of very important government records as eDatabases (G-eDbases) such as the database managed by the National Database Registration Authority in Pakistan. This type of data is highly confidential therefore needs to be protected from an unauthorized access. Presently, access to these databases is based on software based authentication technologies such as password based encryption schemes, which can protect from an unauthorized access to some extent. This mode of authentication access can however be compromised. It is therefore important to use more secured and reliable methods to access to the GeDbases, which is increasingly important in the current situation of security in the country. In this paper, the authors suggest a hypothetical model of securing sensitive eDatabases using multibiometric technology that will replace the traditional password based access scheme and prevent unauthorized access to GeDbases.