A Software Process Improvement Model for Pakistan

  • Mohsin nazir Department of Computer Science, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.
  • Aasma Ikram National College of Business Administration & Economics Lahore
Keywords: Total quality management, Software process improvement, Pakistani software industry and capability maturity model integration.


The software industry in Pakistan is improving continuously from its current state. In order to maintain the industry and sustain the development or improvement of software industry the industry should focus on the quality oriented software. The industry should implement quality assurance programs in order to improve the quality of the industry. The basic purpose of this study is to identify the improvement in software process and also to find out the lacking areas where the improvement is required. It is also said that the SPI also leads towards improved quality oriented software. Pakistan’s companies are now focusing on the quality of the software rather than the usual approach of cost cutting in the software. The research also focuses on the issues faced by the Pakistani government or software organizations in Pakistan in order to improve their current state. The software process improvement is a challenge for any organization or the nation as it involves different set of activities which helps to achieve better quality software which also helps to increase the foreign expansion of software houses in Pakistan, therefore to understand such scenarios, secondary research method have been used to conduct this research.