DDoS Confirmation & Attack Packet Dropping Algorithm in OnDemand Grid Computing Platform

  • Muhammad zakarya
Keywords: Grid Computing, Packet Dropping, GridSim DDoS.


Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on the Internet in general and particularly in Grid computing environment has become a visible issue in computer networks and communications. DDoS attacks are cool to provoke but their uncovering is a very problematic and grim task and therefore, an eye-catching weapon for hackers. DDoS torrents do not have familiar characteristics therefore, currently existing IDS3 cannot identify and discover these attacks perfectly. Correspondingly, there implementation is a puzzling task. In practice, Gossip based DDoS attacks detection apparatus are used to detect such types of attacks in computer networks, by exchanging stream of traffic over line. Gossip based techniques results in network overcrowding and have upstairs of superfluous and additional packets. Keeping the above drawbacks in mind, we have proposed a DDoS detection and prevention mechanism in that has the attractiveness of being easy to adapt and more trustworthy than existing counterparts. We have introduced entropy based detection mechanism for DDoS attack. Our proposed solution has no overhead of extra packets, hence resulting in good QoS2. Once DDoS is detected, any prevention technique can be used to prevent DDoS in Grid environment. In this paper we are going to extend our idea. A confirmation mechanism is introduced herewith