Cryptanalysis of RFID Ultra-lightweight Protocols and Comparison between its Solutions Approaches

  • Muhammad Zubair
Keywords: RFID Attacks, Ultra lightweight protocols, vulnerabilities, proposed solution


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is one of the rapidly growing technologies in field of universal computing, because of its cost effectiveness and small size. Ultra lightweight protocol consists of simple bitwise operation such as XOR, OR, AND, Left Rotate (x, y) are required on tag, which make it cost effective and simple. To make the system practically cost effective and robust against various security attacks, Ultra light weight authentication protocols are used that involve logical operators like XOR, AND, OR and Rot functions as compare to Hashing and other cryptographic algorithms. In this paper we will perform cryptanalysis of ultra lightweight protocols (SASI and Gossamer) and find vulnerabilities in these protocols. On the basis of proposed attacks we will design a new mutual authentication protocol, which overcome these attacks, and will provide better security feature using simple bitwise operation.