Performance Analysis of Buck Power Converter Using Fuzzy Logic Controllers

  • Zeeshan Ali
Keywords: Buck Power, Converter, Fuzzy Logic Controllers, Defuzzification


In this paper the performance and design comparison of conventional fuzzy logic controller (CFLC) and the single input fuzzy logic controller (SIFLC) to regulate the output voltage of the buck power converter has been proposed. The CFLC is the two term controller it has two inputs error and the change of error it uses the 2-dimensional rule table, by using the idea of the signed distance method in the designing of the SIFLC, the 2-dimensional rule table for the CFLC can be converted into 1-dimensional rule table or linear control surface. The important feature is by means of signed distance method the two inputs CFLC can be converted into SIFLC with no significant change in the performance also as the rule table is reduced so SIFLC takes less time to execute its algorithm. To demonstrate that the performance of both controllers CFLC and SIFLC are identical a MATLAB simulation is carried out.