Integrated WiFi/WiMAX Heterogeneous Wireless Network with Minimum Cost Flow Robust Optimization Uncertain Demand Problem

  • Aye Thandar Phyo
  • Hla Myo Tun


The next generation wireless communications systems are envisioned to integrate multiple wireless access technologies (i.e., IEEE 802.11-based WiFi WLAN and IEEEĀ  802.16-based WiMAX WMAN) to provide high-speed communications services to mobile users in a seamless manner. In such a heterogeneous wireless network, the users are able to access different wireless networks according to their preference, performance and cost. In this research, the radio resource
management for this integrated heterogeneous wireless network will be proposed. At the mobile terminal, network selection algorithm will be developed to make the decision of connection (either WiFi or WiMAX or both) so that the QoS requirements are satisfied while the connection cost is minimized. An optimization problem will be formulated and solved for an optimal decision. In addition, the applications of this integrated heterogeneous wireless networks in vehicular network and eHealth will be explored