Advanced Robust Control Techniques: Comparison and Application to a second order highly nonlinear system

  • Yasir Amir Khan Bahria University
  • Vali Uddin
  • Umer Amir Khan CUST
Keywords: control, robust integral of sign of error, terminal sliding mode control, inverted pendulum


Robust integral of sign of error (RISE) is a relatively
new control technique. It has been applied to several nonlinear
systems. However its efficacy in comparison to existing robust
control techniques is yet to be established. Terminal sliding mode
control (TSMC) is a well known robust control technique, which
belongs to the family of Sliding Mode Control. This paper deals
with the application of RISE and TSMC to control of a well
known and highly nonlinear system - the inverted pendulum for
comparison of these two techniques. The comparison is made
on the basis of time response, control energy and tracking
performance. It is reported that TSMC gives faster response
with lower control energy and better tracking performance as
compared to RISE based control.