Design and Development of Energy audit and Load Management system

  • Muhammad Danyal Zahid The University of Faisalabad
Keywords: Energy audit, Energy conservation, Load management, WAPDA, Generator.


Under developed countries are mainly suffering from two basic problems in the energy sector i.e. load shedding and energy management. These problems continuously hit back to a country’s economy and badly affect the performance of their industries. Therefore, the well-known industrialists are packing up their bags from these under developed countries and migrating towards countries like Bangladesh where an industry is given priority and is being facilitated. However, load shedding can be avoided by good administration and with the utilization of full resources available in a country, more over a collective effort is also required to overcome the problem of energy management. Energy management plays an important role in reducing energy requirements per unit of output. The goal of energy management can be achieved by performing energy audit that determines how and where energy is utilized and identifies the methods for energy savings. In this paper, a brief analysis of energy consumption, demand, losses and recommended necessary steps for the betterment of this energy crisis are discussed. Furthermore, a hardware device is designed and proposed to perform a fully atomized energy audit. This device can be connected to the main supply to analyze and notice the power consumed by each particular electrical appliance and to show their behavior on a monitor screen in form of graphical representation.