Study and Comparison of Various FPGA-based Fault Injection Tools with RASP-FIT Tool for HDL Designs

  • Abdul Rafay Khatri University of Kassel
Keywords: Dependability analysis, Instrumentation, Fault injection, FPGA, Reliability, Fault tolerance


Fault injection technique is the most popular technique for characterising the dependability parameter of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) systems and designs. Due to technology scaling, FPGA systems are also prone to error and failure; hence fault injection tools play a vital role to test and evaluate dependability parameters. These tools are categorised into two techniques; reconfiguration and instrumentation-based techniques for FPGA fault injection tools. The primary focus is put on instrumentation-based fault injection tools and techniques in this paper. In the instrumentation technique, a specific circuit is appended to the original design to carry out fault injection analysis. This paper presents the comparison between various fault injection tools based on methodology, fault models consideration, fault injection control unit and functions they perform.