Comparative Analysis of Biometric Recognition Techniques

  • Zaheer Ahmad
  • Muhammad Ajmal
  • Farooq Ahmad
  • Muhammad Hasanain Chaudary COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus
  • Mudasser Naseer
Keywords: Biometric, Identification, Verification, Recognition, Unimodal, Bimodal


This research paper discusses a person’s different biometrics modalities that are used for personal recognition and identification system. Advantages and disadvantage have also been discussed for many biometrics modalities. Biometrics provide a reliable authentication to determine the identity of a person in contrast to IDs and passwords. There are lots of applications now a days which are using biometrics for their systems like ATMs, attendance systems, mobile phones, electronic banking, access to secure places etc. In this paper a survey of all biometrics is presented that are presently in use or under development or still in the research pipeline. Further, a comparative analysis of the biometric techniques is summarized in a Table which provides their cost, uniqueness, accuracy and their additional requirements. Furthermore, application, pros and cons are also discussed for each technique.