Investigating the Effect of Ozone Layer Depletion on Chlorophyll

  • M .Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai


In this communication, the effect. of ozone layer depletion on the chlorophyll of the plants under observation has been studied. Ozone absorbs the specific
range of ultraviolet radiation (UV) reaching the earth’s surface. Data for two samples was selected for analysis. One set of data used to measure chlorophyll fluorescence before expose to UV termed as number of chlorophyll fluorescence before exposure (NOCFBEX) and second set of data utilized to measure chlorophyll fluorescence solar exposure that is indicated by number of chlorophyll fluorescence solar exposure (NOCFSEX). It has been observed that the process before exposure is quite acceptable, that the chlorophyll is maximum and varying with the number of time of observations. In the second  case, the minimum chlorophyll has been exhibited due to the disorder in the chlorophyll nature and the process becomes non-stationary. Quantification of the chlorophyll
fluorescence of the leaves of the plant under observations has been interpreted. As a result of UV-B exposure trend equations exhibit the existence of stationary and stationary in the leaves