Cloud Computing Serving as a Solution to the IoT Generated Data

  • Muhammad Rizwan Kinnaird College for Women
Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Big Data


Nowadays all the devices seem to be connected to the Internet. There are billions and billions of IoT devices. These devices create an immense amount of data. IoT devices have limited processing capabilities and storage, and to handle all the data generated from billions and billions of these devices is a task itself. In this paper, the challenges imposed by the IoT devices will be discussed and how its integration with the Cloud Computing helps, would also be explored. The paper presents the integration of the IoT with the Cloud, its advantages and problems are highlighted. Handling the Big Data generated by IoT devices poses a problem and it is quite a significant one, it is one of the few problems presented in this paper. A possible solution to handle all the Big Data is also proposed.