Virtual Reality Projection Based Furniture Showroom – A Hypothetical Study of BPR Implementation in a Small Business of Furniture Design & Supplier

  • Muhammad Faizan Khan
Keywords: BPR, Reengineering, Furniture, Interior, Projected Virtual Reality, ImmersisVR, Showroom Digitalization, Outlets, Showroom Design


Significant advancement in the field of virtual reality (VR) has enabled researchers and practitioners to use it in different domains e.g. healthcare, education, assistive technology, trainings, simulation and business. In this study, a hypothetical business process reengineering (BPR) study based Furniture Showroom digitalization has been proposed with projected reality system called ImmersisVR. Digitalization of showroom is not a new concept but through projected virtual reality system in furniture industry at showroom level is an innovative concept. In this research, a hypothetical BPR study is conducted to explore the significance/effectiveness of projected virtual reality system in elimination of impact of availability of limited physical space in showrooms. As proof of concept of study, a prototype of the software application 3D-FC (3d furniture customization) has also developed in Unity3d game-engine. The application provides real-time furniture customization facility which based on desktop application and mouse based interaction. It is also compatible with the upcoming ImmersisVR system which will enable the important feature of 3D furniture content projection. The 3D furniture content projections on different walls of the showroom will minimize the impact and problems of limited space availability. Meanwhile, it will also attract customers to visit showroom and customize furniture according to desired colors and texture patterns with 3D projection on walls. Digitalization of the showroom will help in reducing of labor cost that usually required in furniture item managing in showrooms.