Automatic Tool Change Control System for Computerized Numerical Control Machines

  • Hla Myo Tun
Keywords: Automatic Tool Change System, MATLAB, Graphical User Interface, Software Development, CNC, Industrial Automation


The research paper highlights on tool change control system for computer numerical control (CNC) machine. Various types of actuators are used to get the entailed characteristics and response of the control equipments. Due to the characteristics of time-varying parameters, load disturbances and motor nonlinear, it is difficult to model for the tool change control system precisely. They are robust, reliable and durable. This paper launches the control of CNC tool turret control system based on the hydraulic control circuit. The controller is applied to control the hydraulic system and gained better control performance. And then, the principles of hydraulic mechanisms are articulated with their feedback components which are applied in CNC machines. The CNC system generates the instructions for position and velocity control based on the part program and respective actuators are controlled based on the instructions generated. This paper expresses the design and detail analysis of hydraulic motor based tool change systems in CNC machines. The simulation model is developed by MATLAB GUI. The simulation results pointed out the accurate control responses for automatic tool change control system based on numerical techniques.