An Identification & Monitoring of Domestic Loads by analyzing the Different Signatures

  • shoaib ahmed shaikh Sukkur iba university
Keywords: Domestic load analysis, IALM, NIALM, Inrush current, Harmonics, Power and Power factor


A preliminary term from practical technologies is the
electric load signatures information which incorporates the
recognition of types of electric load and the monitoring of its
operational condition. The revolution of distribution system from
a traditional grid to a smart grid has immense characteristics
which have become advantageous for consumers, power utility
companies, appliance manufacturers and stakeholders and have
grown the vast research ways. This research work, a method in
the Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALM) context
focuses on the various types of domestic appliances and its nature
includes current signatures (both steady stat and inrush current),
power signature and harmonic signature for detection,
monitoring and controlling.
This paper comprises of the methodology and the annotations of
load signatures in different modes as operation mode or
switching on mode. The current, power, power factor is
measured and characteristics of wave form signatures of
household appliances (motor driven or inductive loads, nonlinear
loads and resistive loads) are also analyzed with the help
of a power quality analyzer and fluke view software. By
examining the collected results of experiments, it is decided that
researchers who are involved in smart grid and manufacturers to
introduce “smart meter” and the different signatures of
household appliances will become advantageous for all, utilizing
companies, appliance manufacturers and responsive load