Performance Comparison of Routing Protocol by Deploying ZIBGEE as Wireless Sensor Network

  • Muhammad Abrar
Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, MANET, routing protocols, AODV, DSR, ZIGBEE.


In the last few decades,Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) led to the new aspects of research in the communication field. Easier, widely available and cheaper wireless networks, consisting of simple devices resulted in an advanced expansion in mobile computing. A Mobile Ad-hoc network (MANET) is itself a self-configuring network consisting of multiple nodes connected by wireless connections.Unlike previous mobile wireless networks, The Ad-hoc network’s host keeps their network alive by relying on each other, and do not carry any exact infrastructure. This paper attempts to present a comprehensive performance of Mobile Ad-hoc network with two different routing protocols. Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) and the other Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) is primarily focused. The successful performance of the above two routing protocols is presented comprehensively using their End-2-End delay, throughput, and network load. ZIGBEE will be used to increase the lifespan of the required Wireless network. All the characteristics of the network will be defined in terms of ZIGBEE. A comparison between the ZIGBEE and a simple wireless network is made.