Maintenance of Softwares in Various Contexts is one of the Main Roles of Clustering In Data Mining Technology

  • Aziz Khan
Keywords: SC: Source-Code, DM: Data mining, JPClustering: Jarvis–Patrick Clustering, SVD: singular value decomposition, ISA: Identification of Sub-systems based on Association), PCA: Principal Component Analysis, BI: Business-Intelligence, (M.D.G): Module-Dependency- Graph,


System maintenance in various contexts is an experience that found in tracking a bug and source text code Configuration Management System showing that it is costly and lots of time consuming part of Software-Life-Cycle. Software maintenance has many issues but more pressing in case of legacy Software systems. Clustering in data mining and business intelligence (BI) – Machine learning methodologies permit one to abstract Modals from past experience to make their predictions for future use. Here we discuss the methods employing and solutions regarding encountered issues. We will also present some of the results that we have got.