Analysis of Control System for A 24V PM Brushed DC Motor Fitted with an Encoder by Supplying H-Bridge Converter

  • Hla Myo Tun


This project examines the Flexible Inverter (3- phase inverter) that can be controlled in dissimilar kinds of such as fixed duty cycle drive (not connected to a load), sinusoidal current generator (connected to star connected impedance) and brushless DC motor drive (connected to a 3- phase brushless DC motor). The use of high-quality power electronic device can acquire many advantages in the applications especially in power conversion. The flexible inverter is one of the most accepted inverter to utilize in the high power electronics applications. In this project, it demonstrates several benefits of power converter by using DSPic. Because of its physical characteristics, Flexible Inverter improves the converter efficiency and reduces the size of the converter. The project investigates the control of a 24V PM brushed DC motor fitted with an encoder by supplying H-bridge converter using PIC microcontroller. However people often deem the microcontrollers as not appropriate for power environment because of their inadequate computing speed or noise immunity problems. This analysis is completed by using C language and practical circuit. This analyze confirms that how the speed control of brush DC motor and the current loop feedback control for flexible inverter system. So, flexible inverter system is more suitable for power electronics drive circuits which need high demand of efficiency and speed control of DC motors. Moreover, the simulation results of the flexible inverter with two different input supplies are presented. The first one is the variable DC supply, the range between 0-24 V, with different duty ratios. The other is the variable AC supply with fixed reference input. The simulation results are evaluated by the C language and the practical results are measured by the Align Oscilloscope and then these data are deliberated by using MATLAB program to get the exact.