Module Extraction in Ontologies: The Case Of A Single Concept Name

  • Anees ul Mehdi


Modularity is important in the collaborative development of large scale ontologies. The subject has already been studied deeply and different notions of modularity have been introduced. Further different algorithms for extracting module are developed. Such an extraction requires an input ontology and a signature. The extracted module is a subset of the original ontology containing no
concept name and role names other than those occurring in the input signature. In this paper we focus on a very special case of importing a single concept i.e., our input signature contains only a single concept name. We will see that we always end up with the same set of modules (modulo the concept name being imported). An extracted module for a single concept name (using the current techniques), may contain a lot more other concept names and role names, we prove that when we are only interested in the consequences of the extracted module, we don’t get more information except of what we get from the set of modules we present here.