Rebirth of Augmented Reality – Enhancing Reality via Smartphones

  • shah khusro


Mobile augmented reality sensitizes a new dimension of perception to see, hear and immerse in real world via interactive and enriched look and feel on physical world objects/places. This potential blend open new vistas for overlaying information on physical infrastructure, places and object of interests. No doubt, smartphone arena has boasted this technology to a wide spread domains, potentially gained an industrial support in revenue generation and commercialization. Recent advancements in smartphone computational capabilities, sensors support, and application portability has pitched new grounds in achieving perception of reality. A typical smartphone with camera and sensor capability can unfold the majestic potential of mobile augmented reality. This paper aims to present a survey on reality applications, systems and trends, review on, browsing and development environments for exploration of augmented spaces on smartphone. This review will enlighten researchers, industrial scientists, who are planning to build solutions for real world problem in the area of mobile-based augmented reality