Comparative Study of Top-Ranked Web Browsers

  • Muhammad Hanif
  • Muhammad Saleem Vighio
  • Zahid Hussain


A web browser is an application program that provides accessibility to the content available on the internet. Different types of web browsers are available, however, which browser to use depends on the user preferences of reliability, speed, ease of use and so on. In this paper, we provide a comparative study of five top-ranked web browsers from the user’s perspective. The key parameters were chosen for user survey includes installation, bookmark, browser crash, private browsing, page redirection, plug-in support, online/offline help and support provided by browser. We have also analyzed different features to examine the reasons of user preference. Loading time is analyzed on different configurations, opening time is inspected by opening 50 websites also bookmarks mechanism is compared, history management is analyzed of all selected categories, tab mechanism is compared and download process is evaluated, so that comparison of browser choice and features of browser could be ranked accordingly, also installation support of operating system is checked by installing selected browsers on different popular operating systems. This study will help users to select appropriate browser according to their available hardware, operating system installed, not only this but various other features are tested which make browser selection process easier for web users