Distributed Control System for Micro-Factory Using Visual Studio. Net

  • Hla Myo Tun
  • Zaw Min Naing


Advanced industrial automation system can be monitored and controlled by real time situation is more useful than other formal systems in the sector of industrial life. Distributed Control System (DCS) is more popular than any other control systems in the modern industrial processes. This research leads to “Real Time Graphical User Interface Monitoring System” for Micro-Factory. The
current research project is based on the construction of DCS based Micro-factory. The Industrial Local Area Network (LAN) is built between the server for the operator and the clients for the two robots control and only one CNC milling machine. The client- server model is more suitable for this research. The existing DCS can be divided into two sections: the first one is cheap and inflexible control and the second one is expensive but it is flexible control system. This research leads to cheap and flexible distributed control system. In this research, the simulation of the whole process is described in realtime condition by using Visual Basic.Net programming under Visual Studio 2005 software. The parallel ports of Client computers and the controllers have been communicated with parallel port interface VB.Net program.